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Lux Rewards Program

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

(i) These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the Lux Rewards Program. It is the Member’s responsibility to read and understand them.

(ii) Every Lux Member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Definitions

(i) Lux Aesthetics: The name of the company that represents the domain

(ii) Lux Rewards Program: Is a point loyalty program that provides Lux Members the option to accumulate Lux Points for every transaction as well as exchange them and receive discounts off their shopping experience. 

(iii) Lux Members: Are individuals who have signed up with the Lux Rewards Program and have access to a Lux Account where they have access to their Lux Points, activity log and personal information.

(iv) Lux Points: Is the metric that constitutes the Lux Rewards Program and can be used to receive discounts off Lux products.

(v) Lux Account: Is the profile designated to a registered Lux Member.

3. Termination or Suspension of Lux Rewards Program

(i) Lux Aesthetics gives no warranty as to the continuity and availability of Lux Points. 

(ii) Lux Aesthetics may terminate or suspend the Lux Rewards Program at any time. 

(iii) Lux Aesthetics will give Lux Members at least three months notice to Lux Members of such termination or suspension.

(iv) If Lux Aesthetics ceases to operate on the Lux Rewards Program may be terminated at any time.

4. Lux Membership

(i) Individuals wishing to become a Lux Member may register via the ‘My Lux Account’ landing page.

(ii) A Lux Member’s email address is required upon signing up with the Lux Rewards Program.

(iii) Lux Members may, at any time, cancel their Lux Membership via the My Lux Account dashboard.

5. Lux Membership Obligations and Responsibilities

(i) Lux Members must not:

    • Act in any way which breaches these Terms and Conditions
      • Engage in illegal or fraudulent activities
      • Selling or offering to sell any Lux Points 
    • Each Lux Member is responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient Lux Points to redeem discounted Lux products.
    • Each Lux Member must notify Lux Aesthetics of any omissions, incorrect entries or other discrepancies immediately. 

6. Termination or Suspension of Lux Memberships

(i) If a Lux Member has committed a material breach of any of the Terms and Conditions whether intentionally or otherwise, Lux Aesthetics may suspend or terminate the Lux Member’s Membership and/ or the right of the member to use their Lux Points.

(ii) Lux Memberships will terminate automatically on the death of a Lux Member. Lux Aesthetics will close the Lux Member’s account on notification of the Lux Member’s death. 

7. Earning Lux Points

(i) To earn Lux Points, Lux Members must be signed in to their Lux Account and complete a full transaction.

(ii) A Lux Member may earn Lux Points only in relation to:

    • Lux Account registration
    • Eligible purchases of any of the products listed on
    • This is subject to change at any time.

(iii) Lux Points will not be awarded in relation to any products.

8. Activity Statements

(i) Lux Members may access their Lux Membership Account information without charge at

9. Redeeming Lux Points

(i) The number of Lux Points redeemable is based on a dollar to point ratio. For every 10 Lux Points a Lux Member will receive a SGD$1 discount off their purchase.

(ii) Lux Points cannot be converted to or exchanged for money.

10. Personal Information

(i) Lux Aesthetics may collect the Member’s personal information from the Member directly, including during a Member’s interaction with the Lux team or when the Member is logged into their Lux Account. 

(ii) Lux Aesthetics does not provide Lux Member’s personal information to third parties.

(iii) Marketing Consent: by becoming a Lux Member, the Lux Member provides their express consent to Lux Aesthetics: 

(iv) Sending the Lux Member marketing communications including direct mail, telephone, email, SMS, and advertising or other digital means.

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